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Saturday, January 31, 2009

wilde for wallpaper

The last words of the legendary literary wit Oscar Wilde before he died in a dingy Paris hotel are said to have been: 'Either that wallpaper goes or I do.'

Wallpaper used to be a dirty word in the world of interior design. Anaglypta and flock all happily became faded memories as a passion for plain walls and all things minimal took a hold. But could we be witnessing a revival? Designers have taken to designer wall coverings in a huge way and we are being treated to a stunning showcase of choice.

Here are a few of our favs to get you started - (left to right) Kirkhams Chestnut from Kuboaa; Knock Knock from Minimoderns; Houses by Erica Wakerly and Six of One from Minimoderns. All available through The Selvedge Group.

HINT: To determine the amount of wallpaper you'll need, add the lengths of all your walls and multiply by the single height. Subtract door and window areas, then add an emergency 15 per cent to the total.

Friday, January 30, 2009

bird stack ...

Discovering something new is always a thrill ... and even more so when the discovery is close to home! Melbourne graphic artist Mara Girlings of PRINTSPACE has a range of danish inspired prints waiting for your walls. The colours are muted and there is a strong focus on birds which of course we love! You can see more and order prints at Mara's etsy shop. Get yourself off to ikea for some affordable timber frames! The RIBBA frame in solid birch is a fave.

p.s. for further inspiration you must read Mara's blog

Thursday, January 29, 2009

we heart this...

Graphic Artist and crafter Lisa Tilse combined her love of creating with her experience in graphic art to establish Red Thread. The name Red Thread was inspired by the ancient Chinese belief that an invisible red thread connects our hearts and lives with those that we are destined to meet and love.

Her collection includes vintage art, children portraiture and these unique heart boxes. Every Heart Box begins as a series of hand cut paper hearts which are carefully stitched together and personalised. A delightful gift to welcome someone special into the world. Prices start at $180 and can be purchased by contacting lisa via her website.

Friday, January 23, 2009

off to a smart start...

The holiday period is drawing to an end and children are being primed and prepared to head back to school another year older. Mum's and Dad's on the other hand are dealing with the dread of little ones off to Kinder, the elation that comes with the holidays being over and the last minute rush for school supplies and uniform fittings.

Here we showcase a few high quality, reasonably priced 'back to school' items that not only serve an educational and functional purpose but are also completely cute!

From left to right - Paper alphabet from Scrappyshack; Creative Neesh alphabet art; Animal Magnets from Mymimi; Flash cards by Flash Harry and Longitude151 Backpack.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

travel in style..

New year - new wish list. First up are these gorgeous Tuscan overnight bags from SISKEN. Designed in Melbourne, each beautiful piece is handmade with high quality genuine leather, and finished with unique screen printed lining. Careful attention to detail and design has resulted in a product that can last through the years and seasonal trends

The SISKEN range allows you to arrive from the weekend escape to your board room meeting in style with a bag or accessory to suit your lifestyle. SISKEN bags and accessories are practical yet elegant, sensible yet sophisticated, useful yet sleek. The range comes in a diversity of styles, colors and prints which means there is a SISKEN to suit everyone.

Priced from $520.00 and available online.

Friday, January 16, 2009

love is in the air...

We have an early Christian saint to thank for Valentines Day. Valentine was a priest in ancient Rome and was martyred for his faith in 270 AD. He incurred the wrath of the Emperor Claudius by helping young lovers to marry against his wishes and ended up being beheaded for his troubles. Before his execution though, Valentine had fallen in love with his jailer's daughter and signed his final note to her "From Your Valentine", a phrase that has lasted through the centuries.

From left to right; Love Tickets from Vintage Bliss; 'You are the one I want most of all' script art from Project 8256; Love Wins screenprinted t.shirt by Elefint; LOVE cushions from Pillowhappy; XO tags by Pacokeco and Kiss Hug pendant available through Pendant Flair

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on a roll...

Every so often something really catches my eye. This morning it was this unique 'Rollie'. Created from pages of old magazines and made into paper beads, Santa Fe artist, Angela produces these most interesting and effective art works.

"These rollies are my obsession. It's hard for me to keep my hands still and this is the perfect remedy" says Angela who was inspired by a television presentation that used paper to create curtains!

Available in solid or molted colours, these works are available through Angela's Etsy store Marang97; prices start at $75 and shipping to Aus is available.

Monday, January 12, 2009

relish in this...

Cunliffe & Water's preserves are handmade in small batches to capture the essence of the best possible ingredients. Their philosophy is to make all products as if for themselves, with a few jars to give away to friends.

The extensive range includes jams, marmalades, chutneys, relishes, pickles, sauces and of course the old fashioned meringues, all of which are free of commercial preservatives and gluten.

A personal favourite is the Orange and Beetroot relish - full of gorgeous colour and packed with fresh produce. Amanda and Caroline tell us it is fabulous with lamb, chicken liver pate, in a home made burger or with cheese. Mix with Greek style yogurt and mint for a fantastic dip. Click here for a list of stockists.

turning Japanesse

Based on the Japanese art of resist tying, Shibori begun creating unique handmade fabrics in 2004. The exquisite silks are embellished and hand finished and used to produce timeless fabric fabrics and soft furnishings.

Shibori has more recently released a range of artistically inspired digital and hand screen printed fabrics.The images are unique and Shibori pride themselves on prints with an edgy difference. To add to the appeal the range is Australian made using completely natural fibres.

See the range online or contact head designer Pepa Martin to discuss custom patterns and prints suitable for any application.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the amber light....

We came across amber and me on a recent visit to the Young Blood markets in Sydney. me and amber is a freelance design and image making studio based in Sydney. The pair, Karen and Amber, studied visual communications together and have been friends since kindergarten.

At university, they strayed away from digital based mediums, preferring a more hands on approach, and the tactile nature of image-making. The girls found a love for screen printing, and have been applying this technique to both greeting cards and small limited edition artworks.

Over the years, they have built up a treasury of old books, fascinated by the typography and tactile quality of the worn pages. These artworks are screen printed directly onto the pages from these old books, making each artwork one of a kind. Information on stockists can be found online.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

who's saying grace....

Leoni & Vonk bespoke jewellery is the perfect balance between form and substance, exterior beauty and intrinsic quality for women with 'equal parts strength and elegance'

Leoni & Vonk jewellery is designed and created in St Kilda, Australia by Maria Leoni and Nicky Vonk. The new collection continues the theme of futurism with a feminine feel. The pieces focus on construction rather than frills using pared down materials such as hand cut brushed sterling silver, 9ct gold plate and beautiful highly faceted semi- precious stones.

The Grace (shown above) is simple and modern yet retains the spirit of luxury and glamour, femininity with a contemporary edge. Priced between 520 - 560 and can be purchased by contacting Leoni& Vonk online.