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Monday, April 27, 2009

put it in the boot

The trusty gumboot is an essential part of ones shoe collection, but now it seems we need it as a bag as well! Gives a whole new meaning to throw it in the boot, or today I got the boot, or indeed these boots were made for walking!

I love it and can imagine it would get the odd comment or 100 but you can be sure the phone will be lodged into the toe section just as you are scrambling to answer it!

We found this at third drawer down ... for $85 plus post it can be yours! Send us a pic if you buy it, we'd love to see it in situ.

homing in...

We love the latest offering from Ceramic Arist, Mel Robson. Made from pre-loved and often sentimental crockery, these homing piegons where the feature of a Mels most recent solo exhibition at Jan Manton Art in Brisbane in 2008.

Mels speaks of her work as the exploration 'between utilitarian objects and personal narrative'

"It has evolved from an interest in the histories, stories and associations that can become embedded in everyday objects and the ways in which these objects can evoke memory and story."

Recently Mel has been increasingly working with the bird motif in her work where she talks of a certain nostalgic resonance attached to birds , particularly the pigeon.

"My Nana’s second husband was a pigeon fancier, and during the Second World War he served looking after messenger pigeons. There are some incredible stories surrounding the feats of these little birds, some of them even being awarded medals of bravery after surviving against incredible odds to deliver messages that sometimes resulted in saving the lives of hundreds of people."

Mel Robsons work can be viewed here on her blog.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the forest from the trees..

Paper Forests is the latest range from Baby Butterflies. This intricate piece comprises of hand cut layers of paper trees paying homage to their source. Each gnarled tree, soft and willowing completes for centre stage.

The three dimensional paper layers cast elaborate shadows that play during the day, their size and depth creating a virtual feast of light and shade.

Each design is a limited edition, individually hand cut to ensure a very special and unique piece.

Visit Baby Butterflies at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small at Brighton Town Hall 6-8 August.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rock star....

Toronto artist Margie Oomen uses her collection of all things natural and vintage and her curious mind to create the most unique of treasures.

“Lately it seems that the technique of crochet has really been my focus. I love the freedom it gives (me). I never follow a pattern. I always make it up as I go along - I love how you can stop and start where ever you want. I love the sculptural aspect of it.

Margie loves working with natural fibers and natural pieces like stones and wood and she prefers to use vintage tools in her craft.

"All my crochet hooks come from the thrift stores as well as most of my fiber. Some of it is very old, quite apparent when you see the price of the spool if it is still attached. The colors are softer and sometimes a little yellowed with age. I love that. ”

"One of my favorite quotes is Frank Lloyd Wright: Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

For more on the Intriguing work of Margie Oomen visit her blog.

Monday, April 20, 2009

best food forward...

Happy Monday morning.....another week of gorgeous, beautiful things to add to the wish list!

I know many of you did just that over these chic Kirov ballet slippers at Magnolia Square.

Individually hand-made from 100% genuine leather available with a bow or tassel feature, these flats are the latest creation from SISKEN. The only hard part is the colour choice...hmmm milk, espresso, honey or cherry. The Imelda in me is suggesting I take one of each!

For stockists information click here or visit SISKEN at future Magnolia Square events.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the good egg...

For regeneration, rebirth, prosperity, and hope...there is no better symbol than the Egg. And, appropriately, no better time than now, the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, to celebrate a famous quotes of his....WHATEVER YOU ARE, BE A GOOD ONE.

This egg is slip-cast from pure white clay in the same dimensions and smooth texture as a real egg, making it quite the little piece of "trompe-l'œil." The text is hand stamped, one letter at a time so you can be assured that it will definitely be a "good egg."

Available here at Palomas nest on Etsy....... Wishing you an inspired Sunday......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lasting impression....

Letterpress is one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of printing, dating back to the invention of the movable type machine in the 1800's. It began as an alternative to laborious hand-written calligraphy.

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique create unique personalised designs, each foot treadled and handprinted, one sheet at a time on an antique 1893 Letterpress - the wonderful old fashioned way.

This technique is almost a form of art rather than science as no 2 pieces are exactly alike. The appeal is in the textured letters as they sit astute on crisp cotton paper, creating a distinctive character unachievable through high tech methods.

"With a love for lush rich 100% cotton paper, deep impressions, intricate graphic design, gorgeous typography and beautiful handmade things new and old, we simply adore designing and printing letterpress." says owner Alischa Herrmann.

We will welcome Bespoke letterpress Boutique to Sydney Magnolia Square in July..if you can't wait that long, view the range online.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sweety bird....

Just when you thought our bird obsession had wained we bring you two feather friendly posts in a row! How could we resist this chirpy fellow?

He is part of a flock created by Abigail Brown who uses colour, texture and a visual language which is quirky and playful.

"As a young little thing I grew up surrounded by the tools of my Grandma's trade; loose threads, scraps of fabric, pins and needles, and the constant whirr of the sewing machine as she peddled her way through her work, a very talented, hardworking seamstress. She had a beautiful patchwork bag she kept her fabric scraps in, 'the raggy bag', and when I was old enough to display my desire for this magical object, full of wondrous bits of colour, pattern and texture, she made me my own, much littler version.

So this is where it began...the comfort I find in nesting away in piles of fabric and tangles of thread, and the use of such a medium to give life to the little creatures that form in my head. There is nothing more natural to me than this and in continuing to work in this way I am forever connected to my childhood and the wonderful days I spent with her."

Abagail 'humanises' all her little creatures, giving them all names and deciding what little neckerchief they might like to wear or what sort of personality traits they might have.

Monday, April 13, 2009

the award goes to...

The very gorgeous Nog n Piep were voted winners of the Visual Merchandising award at our last fair. Whimsical and feminine design won over the voters in what has become a highly anticipated award.

Nog and Piep are first timers to Magnolia Square but are looking forward to becoming regulars after enjoying an overwhelming response to their range ...

"It was like having our very own store front, we where delighted and proud to have be a part of such an awesome event. It gave us our much needed launch into a new direction, namely customers and opportunities. Our new customers gave us so much enthusiasm and drive, we could see the appreciation they had for our product which was so rewarding.

We had so much feedback on our gorgeous birdhouses which has been followed through with online orders. Our kiddie canvas, fabric blossoms and very cute owls where just as popular.

We will definitely be back at Magnolia Square, aiming for August and November. Thank you to all our new customers and support from Magnolia Square."

Friday, April 10, 2009

happy easter to you...and to you....

This gorgeous little guy seemed like the perfect fellow to send along our very best wishes to our readers for a very happy Easter. A time to enjoy family and friends, put some carrots out for the bunny as he passes through and take a few days of r & r....and yes maybe a few choccies....!!

Jack Rabbit has been cleverly crafted by Dawn Ramerman. Dawn describes herself as a visual person with an unyielding passion for vintage fabrics. Her mantra for life is simple but it makes me smile...

"Life goes by fast but if you make stuff, a part of you will always be around to last - I like to make stuff that makes people happy"

Jack Rabbit available here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

turning japanese

As lunch time approaches this tray of delectable sushi offerings looks more and more appealing. Note to self - not edible! They have in fact been crafted from felt by the very clever Sam McLean.

"I am really passionate about good learning beginnings, and I believe that the toys and experiences young children have shape their lives to some extent. Young children love tactile experiences, so the felt foods I make give them lots of sensory fun and learning experience too"

Sam can create all manner of things from felt and will gladly 'prepare' any of your favourite dishes. Email through your take out order on Sam's Etsy shop.

Monday, April 6, 2009

heart warming...

Melbourne designer Morgan Wills has created a boutique design label focused on unique eco friendly products. The trend of shopping ethically and in a way that's environmentally friendly has grown right alongside Morgan's recycled design business.

"We're all so wasteful. We keep buying so much new stuff. Now people say to me they appreciate the fact I'm recycling. I think I started doing my recycled designs at the right time. Shopping for products that are ethical and ecologically friendly is becoming more and more popular."

New for winter 2009, Heart-felt Beads are designed to warm the heart. Each handmade felted wool bead and resin bead is individually knotted with ribbon to make up each unique necklace. They are a great winter warmer as an alternative to a scarf and can be made to order in any colour combination. If you didn't take one home at Magnolia Square, contact Morgan.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

fabric of life...

The hardest part of post fair duties is narrowing down our new 'favourites list'. We do know that these new kimono necklaces from LUcÉ handmade are in amongst the ever expanding scroll.

LUcÉ handmade originals are made from the fabric of life, with passion and a strong focus on using sustainable fabrics to create something beautiful. Crossing the boundaries of art and fashion, you'll find wearable creative pieces. Materials range from a combination of vintage, recycled, re-purposed and new.

The creation and construction process of all LUcÉ handmade products is very unique and some-what organic, each piece evolves in a spontaneous and generally free-form way. Original and unlike mass produced goods, their uniqueness is apart of the LUcÉ handmade design philosophy. Each is an original piece with a small reminder of history, each having a story of their own. All pieces are handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Anne Mason.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

eggtra cute...

His eyes are just begging you to take him home...little does he know he will be taken home for afternoon tea!! These delightful Easter cookies have been lovingly hand crafted by the equally gorgeous Noami Henderson from Hello Naomi. Great alternative to messy chocolate eggs and a lot cuter on the Easter table!

Naomi's cakes and cookies taste as good as they look made using the highest quality ingredients and pondered over for hours to create a little piece of perfection.

Naomi will be joining us towards the end of the year at Magnolia Square but in the meantime Sydneysiders (cookies can be delivered interstate) can order online on the website.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The creators of Mooza Designs Jessie & Michel, sent us these quirky images of their latest work and we just had to share!

Jessie grew up in a creative artistic family and always had the passion for design and a flair for aesthetics. Michel brings her graphic designer background with a deep understanding of colours and professional product development skills.

"Initially we started making jewellery boxes; we could not find the perfect drawer knob, so we started experimenting with resin" The business has grown incredibly from there, evolving out of feedback from their clients and inspiration from each other.

All the designs are hand crafted individually with the utmost attention to detail. All products are madevfrom an acrylic base, topped with unique papers with a gorgeous range of patterns.

Stay tuned for Mooza Designs at Magnolia Square in Sydney in July. In the meantime check out their Etsy store.

it's a wrap ...

We received this lovely email on Sunday after the fair ...

Dear Organisers

Thank you so much for organising such a magnificent Magnolia Square the past 3 days. As a busy mother of a 2-year-old and 3-month-old, it's difficult to run around all over Melbourne purchasing unique and boutique wares/gifts such as those on display at Magnolia Square. To have all of the retailers under the one roof was a god-send. Thank you!

I was so thrilled by so many of the new retailers and even some of the "older" regulars that I attended all 3 days, with baby strapped to me and toddler in the stroller!! It was worth it! I particularly liked Est, Luce Handmade, Emotional Baggage, Tiddles & Chich, Little Fuchsia, ohme-ohmi..... too many to mention.

Many thanks again for a spectacular event and congratulations! It really has made my week and inspired me. I look forward to attending the next Magnolia Square.

Yours sincerely,
Joanne Ma
Glen Iris

Thanks so much Joanne for taking the time to send this. We love hearing your thoughts and feedback. With another successful event behind us we take a breather (for a moment!) and make a start on pulling together a wonderful line up of retailers for our next soiree, TINY & SMALL at the Brighton Town Hall.