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Sunday, May 31, 2009

chookleaf boot a winner ...

Cuter than ever and right on trend were these darling little boots from Chookleaf at Tiny & Small, last week in Brighton. If you follow fashion then you'll appreciate how very up to the minute this fancy footwear is. You see yellow is all over catwalks from London to New York.

According to the experts we can all wear it, just find the shade that is right for you! Canary yellow, school bus yellow, daffodil, chartreuse and the list goes on. In fact Pantone, the worlds colour authority, have selected mimosa (a lovely yellow hue) as their colour for 2009.

Chookleaf you are so hot right now!!

all of this and more ...

We are loving the line up of talent coming to Magnolia Square Randwick next month. Eclectic jewellery label Typekey took Sydney by storm in February when they launched an amazing range of jewellery made from re purposed type writer keys at butique trade show Life InStyle. The keys originate from as early as the 1920's and are sourced in the US.

Bluebird and honey is an adorable newcomer to the children's wear market. We love the corduroy pinis featuring bold animal appliques.

Stylidium Designs, a sister duo who design and print fabrics were featured in Country Style in April. Their fabrics feature strong but simple imagery of Australian native plants. Fabric are sold by the metre and also as lovely home ware pieces such as cushions.

Look no further for completely unique male and female WC signs than Mooza designs!! Their product range includes letters and mobiles all handcrafted from an acrylic base topped with retro wall paper and sealed with a thick resin coating.

The divine scarf and hat shown above are from the Ella Sanders children's range (but I have to say you don't have to be a child to look gorgeous in that particular scarf!!). Ella Sanders makes the trip to Randwick from Melbourne where she has been showing her range at Magnolia Square for the last 12 months or so. You will LOVE it!!

And the adorable paper cut birds on a string .... so simple and so lovely. They are from the danish inspired range of intricate paper products by Paperklip.

These retailers and many many more (keep reading these posts) will be at Magnolia Square at the tea house, Randwick Race Course, July 2, 3 and 4. For trading times click here.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

it's electrifying...

Electric Firefly has been on our radar for a while now so it was a thrill when we received an application from Simon for the Sydney Fair.

Electric Firefly captivates and inspires the imagination with its collection of lighting solutions. Designed along timeless principles of fractal and sacred geometry, the forms of nature are expressed in a modern medium that is strong, safe and durable.

Form and functionality combine with modern and classic styling to create a range that is environmentally conscious and manufactured here in Australia. Made of a durable, heat-resistant polymer sheet that is 30-50% recycled, each lamp is designed to create balance and graceful geometry.

We are thrilled to have Electric Firefly at our Sydney Fair..July 2nd ,3rd and 4th at Royal Randwick.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

now I know my ...

The latest from lmnop is online now and just waiting to be opened. The issue is fittingly and delightfully dedicated to those 26 characters called our alphabet. I dont want to give away too much because there is a lovely surprise in store, but suffice to say that issue 7 just sings!

Here are a few of my favourite bits ... look at this cute little guy "building" the vowels. This photo shoot must have been so much fun!

And here is the most sublime idea for displaying the alphabet in your childs room. This garland of A to Z is intricately handcut by Paperklip, who by the way will be on show at Magnolia Square Randwick July 2, 3 & 4. For more alphabet fun and ideas which will truly inspire just click here!

Now I know my A B C's next time wont you sing with me.

create a haven....

Never before has there been such a brilliant opportunity to learn from two enthusiastic & passionate interior consultants who have been professionally transforming their clients’ homes for over 20 years.

Susie Miles and Claire Jackson have combined their considerable expertise & talent to bring you a series of Designer Secrets workshops beginning early August in Melbourne.

Learn the secrets of how to transform that problem space or room with confidence, using the design & decorating techniques of professionals.

Explore colour, window treatments, lighting schemes and how to use furniture and fabrics to create your own inspirational interior.
Contact the lovely Claire for further information or to make a booking 0408 363 529.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a spoon full of..

Danni from Type Key delighted us last year with the original Typewriter bracelets, crafted from vintage type writer and cash register keys.

The latest offering is just as exquisite. Perfect pieces are re-worked from vintage and antique silverware, namely spoons and other charmingly detailed cutlery. Bracelets and rings full of character and delicacy in equal measures take the wearer to a place far gone.

Type Key will be showing the entire range at Magnolia Square in Sydney in July ( 2nd-4th)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happy snaps, happy shoppers

Little Bird are our official event photographers. Look forward to T&S images by Pru at the end of this week. Girls it looks as though you enjoyed yourselves. Ahhh, nothing like retail therapy to put a smile on ones face!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

meart masterpiece winner ...

We had a lovely response to the MEART competition at T&S Brighton last week. The very lucky winner was Angie Meadows of Brighton who was completely thrilled to receive our phone call. Congratulations Angie!

paper savvy...

Fun and quirky, stylish and classic, old and new, Lox & Savvy’s card and stationery collection features a range of unique and creative designs that venture from barbershop stripes to hand-sewn buttons. 

The collection is defined by its attention to detail, individual designs and specially selected printing processes.

Each range has its own story and mixes the best of vintage style with sleek contemporary lines materializing in beautiful and individual matching sets of greeting cards, gift tags, envelopes, wrapping paper, and stationery.

Loving the new range of Paper chains.. printed onto 100% recycled stock/paper, assembled, with loads of colour make for a fun+quirky design piece. Can't wait to see more in July when Lox and Savvy will be showing at Magnolia Square in Randwick.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I have always loved buying beautiful books for my children but until yesterday it hadn't occurred to me that heaven could actually lay right there on the pages. The title I am referring to (and obsessed with) is Wonder Bear illustrated by Tao Nyeu.

The pages of this book without words quite literally sing with joy. Immediately I am torn between preserving the illustrations behind glass, displaying it on the shelf (cover facing out) or letting the kids paw through it and create their own stories. We may need 3 copies!

For the most superbly curated collection of books for little people look no further than Lou and Katie from we heart books. Their shelves are lined with titles sourced from around the globe including small production run, self published books (ask about Toby and the teeny weeny little red riding hood book).

We heart books is an online concept so spotting these rare birds (founders Louise and Katie!!) in the flesh is a treat indeed! Pop into Magnolia Square Tiny & Small at the Brighton Town Hall today until 5pm and tomorrow 10am-4pm and chat with the girls. Click here for venue details and here to see other gorgeous retailers on show.

Going forward you will be able to read book reviews by we heart books right here on LITTLEsnippets then click straight through to their site to buy. Yippee!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pack your bags ...

AND ME TOO stockist Urban Child will be at Tiny and Small with a nice big offer! Spend $100 or more on items in the and me too range and receive a little suitcase for zip! Very cute choice of colours ... see for venue details, trading times etc.

(psst ... for those of you who cannot make it to Tiny and Small the offer is also happening online at and me too)

see you tommorrow...

If you haven't planned on being one of the first through the doors tomorrow at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small ...cancel all simply have to be there!

We have sourced the very finest in all things gorgeous, hip and unique for little people and promise to once again deliver an unrivaled retail experience.

Enter retail heaven tomorrow with the likes of Printspace, Green Bean, Ohme Ohmi and We Heart Books. Click here for a full list of whats in store and be sure to bring your entry form in the Meart competition for your chance to win a $500 portrait.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lisa Golightly ...

I have just found myself in THE most divine website I've stumbled upon in a while. Have to say I am feeling a bit left out, cant believe I have only just discovered this! I am referring to the work of kiki & polly artist Lisa Golightly (loving her name as well!).

Lisa and her family are based in Portland, Oregon. She is a portraiture artist but not in the traditional sense. After the birth of her children she began experimenting with ways to incorporate their photographs into her work. The result is just breath taking. Simple, classic yet utterly contemporary.

Inspired from an early age by her artistic father, Lisa has combined her beautiful craft with a young family. These influences are very obvious in her work; there is a strong familial aesthetic. The pieces are unpretentious and heart warming.

In learning a little more about Lisa and the inspiration behind her work we discovered that bloesemkids had done an openhouse feature on their blog. There is something lovely about the houses of creative people ...

I dashed off a quick email to Lisa last night to ask her about international orders and was very pleased to hear she is currently working on a portrait which is bound for Australia ... for more about the ordering process click here.

Kiki & Polly have also developed a body of printed work available on the one stop craft shop etsy. I particularly love this set of 12 counting cards, so subtle with just a hint of colour. The simple way they have been displayed on the twine with tiny pegs is just perfect!

It's ironic that modern technology gives us access to the one off, hand worked and heart felt objects we seem to be yearning for the world over!

Friday, May 15, 2009

check out LITTLEsnippets ...

We have just pressed the ON button for our new blog. We have named it LITTLEsnippets and it is all about good things for tiny and small people. You can navigate between both of our blogs with a click of the mouse (see the top of the right hand margin). Click here for a squiz!

lmnop ...

Have you discovered the very gorgeous and completely stylish lmnop? If you're stuck on the name here is a clue - think the alphabet song. This little gathering of letters is an acronym of sorts for the words that describe perfectly the philosophy behind this beautiful online magazine; laugh, make, nurture, organise & play.

For the uninitiated, flicking through magazines in cyberspace might seem unnatural but its actually quite simple, especially with a wireless lap top! Get yourself comfy on the couch or propped up in bed with a cup of tea. If you have not discovered lmnop until right now then you have a lot of reading to do, 6 issues in fact and all that before issue 7 lands in your inbox on 25 May! So start now.

Just click here to subscribe. Now you can download the magazine (in PDF format) and browse at your leisure. And the best bit ... it is free! Wow! We love the way lmnop use colour and clever themes to create a really special and totally inspiring layout every time.

If we sound like we are raving, that's because we are!! You see, tiny and small is sponsored by lmnop and we are VERY excited about that. Lovely lmnop editor Jenny Lacey will run pre and post event coverage of our little show. We are in awfully esteemed company, lmnop are also official partners of New York kids trade show BUBBLE and BABY AND KIDS WORLD in Tokyo.

In between issues keep up to date on everything hip parents & their children need to know at the lmnop blog.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a patch of love

Living on a vineyard surrounded by magpies and sparrows is the home of Kathryn Elizabeth Brain, were she has been secretly creating beautiful patchwork quilts.

Maggie and Sparrow Quilts are made in the traditional method, with time and much love using modern and vintage inspired fabrics. Each quilt is finished with delicately hand stitched edging and intricate patterning.

Exquisitely made, elegant and whimsical, each quilt is unique and 100% cotton - a treasure to be passed on through the generations. Visit Maggie and Sparrow at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small in May at Brighton Town Hall. Kathryn sent these words to share;

To place upon your little bed.
It's not an heirloom-just to keep,
But to lay upon as you count sheep.
Or perhaps the floor's the perfect place
for a doll and teddy picnic space.
This quilt can be anything you can dream-
From superman's cape to the robe of a queen.
Pretend you’re on a magic carpet ride
Or snuggle on the couch when your feeling tired.

invest in the nest

This uber cool piece is 'play ball' - a child-sized replica of the 1963 Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio. This truly iconic piece creates a private little sanctuary for your tiny and smalls and is bought to you by Little Nest.

Little Nest is an Australian owned furniture company that focuses on creating stylish, fun and functional furnishings for children which will compliment today's contemporary family home.

The debut range of child sized replica furniture respectfully pays tribute to 20th century modern classic furniture designs, inspired by innovative design, technology and fresh ideas. Meet founder Samantha at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small in May at Brighton Town Hall.

well why not ...

We all know that green is the new black in style circles and kids fashion is certainly not exempt. The range of contemporary children's wear from Y-knot Recycled fits the bill, made using recycled t-shirts and jeans.

The collection is quirky, unique, handmade, environmentally friendly and super cool. Designer Emma Di Stefano individually crafts each garment and is constantly expanding and evolving her range to keep it unique and fabulous!

Meet Emma at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small in May at Brighton Town Hall and cheer up Sydney siders, Y-knot will also be showing at our Sydney fair in July!

a box of clever

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions. When we give birth, sprouting a few extra hands would come in mighty handy.

Until that day, have come up with a compact portable change system that enables parents to stop the juggling act. Quick access to wipes, storage for nappies and a change mat are all features of this compact all-in-one change station.

It’s innovative, practical and stylish and is set to revolutionise the way little bottoms are changed across the globe. Meet designers Dannielle and Monique at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small in May at Brighton Town Hall.

mini picasso ...

What budding artist wouldn't love to see their very own artwork hanging proudly on their wall...and what parent wouldn't want the painting fun ( and mess) done by someone else??

Me-art combines the raw talent of a child’s expression with the skill of an interior colour consultant. Qualified art teachers with experience in interior design will assist children to create a large painted canvas in the security and comfort of their own home. The piece is taken away to be finished off and arrives back as a ready to hang masterpiece!

The creation becomes a priceless artistic expression of your child’s personality that can be proudly displayed as an interior feature in any room of the house.

Want one?? We have one to GIVEAWAY!! Simply click here for your entry form and bring it along with you to Tiny and Small at Brighton Town Hall May 21-23 worth $500!!

plane luxury...

Whilst on a trip to Europe in 1985, staying in hotels where the beds were covered in crisp white damask sheets and super light down duvets, Plane Tree Farm Proprietor Jeni Cross was reminded of the beautiful linens brought to Australia at the turn of the last century by her European grandparents.

She returned to her home at Plane Tree Farm on a quest to seek out the very finest cloth. Several years on, Plane Tree Farm has four stores and delivers the highest quality bed linen and table wear together with a luxurious range of cashmere blankets and throws.

We are delighted to have Jenni at Magnolia Square in May. One lucky customer will win a complete set of White Egyptian Cotton Plane Tree Farm Single Sheets ( includes flat, fitted and pair of standard pillowcases) Simply click here to enter or enter at Tiny and Small.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

we heart maiike

It's no secret that at Magnolia Square we looooove the soft creations by maiike's Aly Peel. My own house features quite a bit of it! Sooo ... we are very excited to annouce that maiike are hitting the road and coming to Sydney for our July event at Randwick. Look out for maiike in the winter issue of my child magazine which comes out later this month.

In a few weeks we will peek into the maiike studio and talk to Aly about the inspiration behind her tiny, tactile critters.

Read more about Aly in this lovely feature by Living Creatively

mums the word...

Nic, Brooke and Georgina wish all the wonderful Mothers a very special Mothers Day - hoping you are all treated to a gorgeous day with your families!

This super cute guilt-free cake perfect for Mum on Mothers Day is available from Pindy on Etsy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

studio sale ...

There's a little sale going on at Nicola Cerini. Up to 70% off on Friday 8th May 11am-8pm and Saturday 9th May 9am-3pm at the studio (gorgeous, see above), 39 Little Hoddle St Richmond. You'll find totes, overnight bags, purses and more in Nicola's distintive range of screenprinted textiles. Perfect way to get your Mothers Day shopping sorted!

crafty canine...

Pip and Maude is the creative outlet of graphic designer Pip Thompson. Since 2004 Pip has been layering and hand sewing exquisite papers, fabric, sequins and other decorative bits in earnest, creating whimsical cards and small framed masterpieces.

Each little piece of art is handcrafted and beautifully finished making the card, a present unto itself.

You will find Pip and Maude and this friendly canine at Magnolia Square at Brighton Town Hall. Not long now...21st-23rd May.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's my party ...

The innocence of childhood…where heartbreak could be fixed with a snuggle and where birthday parties were the things dreams were made of. Back to days when invites came hand delivered from the postman and blowing the candles out really did make wishes come true.

Enter Alannah Rose, a boutique stationery range dedicated to children who find sunshine in innocent things.
Suzi takes inspiration from the small ones in her life and has designed each delicious piece with the child in mind.

“I imagine the delightful anticipation of the birthday child licking the stamp, and the thrill of opening the mailbox and find a treasure inside” says Suzi.

Guests will be enchanted from the very beginning with images of rockets blasting through space, sparrows nesting, monkeys swinging through the vines or the ring master calling his jugglers to perform.

Click here fora full list of stockists or visit Alannah Rose at Sydney Magnolia Square in July.

mothers milk ...

Milk Baby delivers a collection of gentle skincare for babies. Developed by mum. Lindy Klim, Milk baby is based on natural ingredients and mild enough to use on the newest of bundles.

"I wanted to create a product that was affordable, looked good in the home and that was beneficial to the enhancement of wellbeing.” adds Lindy.

Chamomile extract, organic lavender oil, rose-hip and ylang ylang.....the ingredients list leaves me longing for bedtime. Apart from the soothing properties of Nighty Night Room Spray, the range also includes a tranquil massage blend, bath time wash and my favourite...the Snotty, Grotty Room Spray. This one I am told, is a perfect aid for the sniffles and sneezes.

Millk will be showing at Magnolia Square Tiny and Small this May. Visit the website for further information.

Mum where does the sun go at night?

This morning I whipped into Readings with a particular book purchase in mind where upon I was immediately distracted by a tonne of new craft titles (more about that later) and then I set my eyes on this. It was the cover illustration that attracted me so I opened the book to find the answers to questions such as "Do fish know who their parents are?" and "Why does the moon change shape?" Finally, someone is addressing the real questions that our children ask!!

The illustrator is Amy Schimler, a mixed media and collage artist who has infact drawn the pictures for many childrens books. Amy is also a textiles designer and an illustrator for many BIG names. She is inspired by colour, pattern and texture and this divine book (called by the way, Why is the sky blue?) seems to encapsulate all of those qualities. It has brown sturdy pages which I'm sure are eco friendly and lots of flaps and sliding bits to amuse young readers. Best of all it answers those hard questions to which I often respond "Daddy knows a lot about world population statistics and he'll be home soon!"

For budding freelance artists Amy offers some lovely words of wisdom in her blog red fish circle.

berry cute ...

Call me crazy but I really do love chocolate, scarves and comfy pj's are amougst my true loves. These jammies from Huckleberry Lane ooze comfort and a whole lot of cute.

Sisters, Eliza and Carley create beautifully designed sleepwear for children which is timeless, classic and comfortable. Using 100% cotton and manufacturing in Australia, Eliza and Carley have been able to ensure the highest of quality in each and every step of making their garments.

Hucklebery Lane are new to Magnolia Square and we welcome them to Tiny and Small in May at Brighton Town Hall.

bubble yum ...

Amoungst the cute at the last Magnolia Square, behind a white picket fence, sat the very gorgeous Little Bubble and Tree.

With a range of signature pants, embroidered kaftans and delighful accessories, Little Bubble and Tree proved popular with shoppers. Each piece designed with blowing bubbles and climbing trees in mind.

Owner Kelly Parish says this of her business "Childhood is a delightful adventure. Little Bubble and Tree ensures your little explorer is perfectly dressed for comfort – any season, any weather, and any activity. Our designs are so exquisite you may just find yourself yearning to be a kid again!"

We must agree! Stay tuned for more of Little Bubble and Tree at future Magnolia Square fairs or pop on their website for a look around.

biscuits & bunnies ...

Biscuit Bunnies! They're the most delightful guests to have over to tea. When they're not investigating the blend you prefer they like to sit quietly listening to the wind in the trees, thinking of buttons and balls of string.

Hand embroidered Biscuit Bunnies in rustic colours of Oatmeal, Gingerbread and Blue Meringue. Made of the softest baby blanket brushed drill cotton and corduroy priced from $55. Visit the Flying Star Toys Etsy store to ponder on more gorgeous little critters.

la la lovely ...

We are in the thick of preparations at the moment for our next fair. Magnolia Square is going to Melbourne's Bayside and the venue is the Brighton Town Hall. Just over 40 retailers will be showing their best and as with every fair we make a big effort to bring you exciting new retailers.

We recently had our scouts in the Yarra Valley and look what we found! These divine little pre walkers are by sister team Evielala. They will have their debut showing at MS Brighton - March 13, 14 & 15. See full details of trading times and venue location.

In the meantime pay them a visit at

hop to it ...

Now that we've joined the BLOG WORLD we're meeting like minded souls in out in www land. One we do enjoy is Adelaide blog HopSkipJump.

You know how we feel at Mag² about animals crafted from soft, quirky textiles ... well the prize this week goes to Fiona (author of said blog) for her tutu clad roo! We would LOVE to have her Magnolia Square one day...

Her creations can sometimes be found at tinypeople and reformschool.

easy as A, B, C ...

True we have only just got over Christmas but some of us are already thinking about the next 'event' ... birthday parties for the little people in our lives! Good old Martha provides an abundance of inspiration that is sure to please any Tom, Dick or Harriet. Some projects require a PHD in craft but others are quite achievable - like this 'initial' themed party. See the Martha Stewart website under kids for lots of cute & coordinated ideas!

make mine soft ...

We are soooo spoiled for choice at Magnolia Square but of course, some retailers are particularly close to our hearts!

I first found Aly Peel & maiike at the Flemington Market - many years ago now. I have been a maiike addict ever since - we have 4 of the huggable 'soft things' at our house (they do belong to the children!) but I must confess to loving snuggling up under my quilt with its beautiful squares of re purposed green jumpers in many shades.

The maiike website is in my "favourites" and a quick visit always bring a smile to my face! Towards the end of January devotees will be able to buy maiike on line. Now that's dangerous!

Bye for now, Nic MacIsaac

Friday, May 1, 2009

love and snuggles

The hours melt away as we pour through etsy looking for beautiful things to share with you on Snippets. It is always extra special finding a clever person close to home doing something gorgeous.

Such is Claire Cinborra from Schmooks; a illustrator from Canberra. Her work is soft, warm - hearted and exudes a certain quirk. This piece is aptly named 'snuggles' and seemed like a good choice as Mothers Day approaches. There's nothing like a mumma hug and you can almost feel this one.
Prints can be purchased here.