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Sunday, August 29, 2010

David met Nicole

This shop in Surry Hills, Sydney has been on my radar for a long time; it grabbed my attention a few years back because I am Nichole (yes with an H) and my husband is David! We were in Sydney this weekend and it was on top of my list.

It is a small space but it is jam packed to the rafters with vintage industrial and nostalgic objets d'art . This little wonder emporium has a distinctly British flavour.  The union jack features prominently both in flag form and as soft furnishings (read cushions).  Also in abundance were globes of all sizes such as this beauty in the front window.

I was amazed by the size of each collection.  Not one or two wooden shoe lasts but hundreds, ditto for old bobbin reels with characteristic worn painted ends in lovely colours.  Old preserving jars and milk bottles a plenty.  I had to exercise restraint on those because I love old vessels as vases and also for holding candles (with a little moss in the bottom).

Centre stage for me were these enormous bowls of old rubber stamps and vintage wooden printers blocks of all shapes, sizes and fonts galore.  I have a fun DIY project which I will share on the blog in a couple of weeks.

 Vintage marquee metal letters by the basketful ...

Old key rings discarded by their former collectors and scoured from around the world - I'm sure I had some of those swinging off my school bag back in the 70's.

Metal soldiers, sailors and farming folk standing all in a row.

and adorable little British flags in mint condition.  I am regretting not buying one of these - I would love to frame one.

And this was my exciting purchase - 3 very old wooden story book blocks circa 1880 depicting the stories, The Marriage of Jenny Wren and The Death of Cock Robin.The illustrations have a chinoiserie feel and the wornness of each surface just adds to their charm.

If you cannot make it to Surry Hills anytime soon you'll be very happy to know they have an exhaustive online catalogue (not a shop per se) from which orders can be placed.  Have you been here?  Let me know what you thought - comments below!

david met nicole
382 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

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