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Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIY decorating idea #1

You might remember this cut and paste project from a couple of weeks ago. We made 5 panels like this to merchandise a small area at Magnolia Square, promoting the snippets blog.  The feedback on our "art panels" was great and many of you wanted to know where the wallpaper was from. "Er um, I cant remember" was my reply at the time but I did promise to get back to you!

A bit of background. UK artists Chris Taylor and Craig Wood worked in collaboration to produce this inspired design for wallpaper company Graham & Brown.  It has gone on to become a big seller.

the brief 
I wanted to create a space at our event that visually described what the snippets blog was about.  This frames wallpaper turned out to be the perfect way to show individual, almost random ideas, colours, shapes, textures & objects merging and telling a story in one place.

I think this is exactly what the designers had in mind. The wallpaper is a starting point to what essentially becomes a creative work in progress.

the method
Buy the wallpaper on a 10m roll ($99 per roll) from Graham & Brown, who have an online business within Australia. The width is 52.1cm.

Start tearing - my large collection of home and fashion mags came in very handy.  I followed no particular theme or colour (ok, yellow featured heavily!), instead I ripped out anything inspiring, pretty, cool, edgy, quirky or that other wise jumped off the page. Out came the glue stick and some 10 hours later a collage of ideas was beginning to take form.

To improve the sturdiness of the panels we whipped up some very basic wooden frames and attached the wallpaper to the frames using double sided tape.

the outcome & applications
A simple but inspired round up of stuff that we like and take inspiration from.  In our case it was portable but of course feel free to stick it to the wall!  There are lots of uses.  Here are a few; in the playroom to showcase kinder work, at the office as a notice board, covered in family snaps and mementos to tell the story of your life.

A alternative pastime to reading the paper on the loo ...

useful links

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  1. I loved this Nic - it looked fantastic! I'd love to have a wall of it in my studio! Morgan x


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