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Saturday, February 27, 2010

olive oh......

Originally established in 2007 by Martine, greenolive design is now Martine and Drew Booth.

The design duo create and make everything in their own studio, just a hop, skip and jump from their home in the Dandenong Ranges where they are constantly inspired by their beautiful surrounds.

Martine is the fussy designer. Drew is the patient production manager.

Martine loves fabric, yarn, paper, printing, typography, texture, collage, stitching and spinning whilst Drew enjoys fixing things, screen printing, tinkering in his shed and wood work.

See the range of stunning scarves and textiles at Magnolia Square St Kilda.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

roll up, roll up...

Roll, Up, Roll Up....the Heavenly Creatures circus is coming to Magnolia Square! With a vintage circus theme in mind, the new collection has taken it's cue from tight rope walkers, popcorn, corn dogs and performing elephants. It's fun, funky, full of attitude whilst being whimsical and ever so dreamy.

Get set to see the greatest show on earth when you visit Heavenly Creatures at Magnolia Square in St Kilda. March 18, 19 and 20.

Monday, February 22, 2010

look said Jane; "Red Wagon is back!"

Red Wagon is dedicated to bringing to life the button nosed children of the 1950's. From a time where trees were climbed with fearless determination and where backyard tea parties were worthy of the Sunday Best, Red Wagon combines the virtue of youth with zest and childlike charm.

The timeless designs will transcend generations. older folk will reminisce fondly on days gone by and kids will delight in the images of children blissfully at play.

"We wanted to capture the innocence of childhood as well as the adventurous spirit we all remember having when we were younger" adds Danni

The new range will be launched at St Kilda Magnolia Square in March and includes gorgeous gift tags, wrapping paper, room decor, charming jewellery, wall art and a special softie dolls for special girls and boys.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

colour with kris....

As promised, Snippets will be bringing you lots of exciting reads and regular segments...and we are thrilled today to be introducing our first. Please meet the superbly clever Kris Klarin from the Italian blog Kris's Colour Stripes;

Hello, My name is Kristina Klarin, I’m 32 year old fashion designer living in Milan,Italy
After several years of working in the fashion industry where color combos are the starting point for each new collection (but as usually happens in all industries, they are often predictable and limited) I’ve started my blog Kris’s Color Stripes in order to exercises my eye for endless color combinations that surround us.I think that color plays a huge role in our lives since it has a capacity to make us feel more relaxed or productive, more curious or bored, and it influences our buying decisions. Independent designers, crafters and artist have a freedom to create more sophisticated, unexpected and original products as well as their colors, so my stripes are there to remind me and my readers of that. It is a pleasure to join Magnolia Square Snippets and I hope you enjoy the colour journey!
Kris will be keeping us all inspired with her regular posts on glorious colour schemes and stunning, artful photography - how lucky are we!! The first post being prompted by a tangled fishing net and the colours of the sea- the hues that "are in tune with Australia". Thanks Kris; we are thrilled to have you and are looking forward to your next 'burst' of colour!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sleeping with silk....

Illustrator, designer, artist and friend of Magnolia Square, Chris Chun is welcoming in the Chinese New Year. 2010 is the year of the metal Tiger, which represents a period of drama, intensity, change and travel. A year Chris tells me that "won't be dull for everyone" Everything happens quickly and dramatically in a Tiger year so don't miss anything...particularly of course a Magnolia Square!

To welcome in the new year, Chinese style, Chris is giving away 4 limited edition satin eye pillows. Simply go to Chris's blog and tell him what inspires you..looking forward to reading the responses! If your not a lucky winner, you can still purchase one and feel good about a donation from each going to the Fred Hallows Foundation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

roses are red...

Violets are blue....this Valentines Day, get yourself something for you! Selfish mantra? Not when these stylish totes are up for for him and one for you!

Limited edition totes are from Lola and Bailey are inspired by 'butterfly kisses and conversation hearts" and the perfect, not so soppy Valentines Day gift.

For those living in singleton or those preferring not to buy into the consumerism of the national day of lurve...a typography tote could be just the thing...b for brooke; s for single....l for looking for love...the possibilities are endless.

See Lola and Bailey at Magnolia Square St Kilda or shop online.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Magnolia Square in Adelaide

A CALL OUT TO ADELAIDE TALENT ... We would LOVE to hear from you. We attract and seek retailers who are at the top of their craft; the true originators and innovators of ideas, products and concepts. We curate each event to ensure an uncompromised level of quality and originality each time and we are constantly adding new retailers to the talent pool.

Click here for further information and here to complete the Retailer Application Form.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

wrapped and ready....

There is somewhat of an obsession for beautiful themed parties of late. Its not so much a case of bigger is better, rather, the more beautiful the better.

Riding on the wave of our current 'celebration infatuation' is Natalie Olver and Kathy Jackson from the Cupcake Wrapper Co. The girls have combined their efforts and come up with the perfect finishing touch to an already delicious concept - the cupcake.

Designed with pretty, vintage images, the wraps are laminated to stay fresh and are re-usable from celebration to celebration.

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are really the most beautiful. Visit the girls at Magnolia Square in St Kilda and get ready to bake!

Monday, February 1, 2010

milk with one

Jeremy Hatch's current range of porcelain sculptures takes inspiration from familiar childhood experiences and objects. From life size swing sets and tree houses to smaller pieces like the milk cartons all make up this unique collection. I could stare at these for hours and knowing they are completely fashioned for porcelain is rather incredible.

" For me the act of casting is a symbolic gesture: it freezes a moment in time; recording and preserving forms and events that are impossible to relive" Says Jeremy.

Jeremy has recently opened an etsy store , for the first time making his smaller pieces available outside of galleries.