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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

colour with kris....

How thrilled I was to find the latest submission from Kris at Kris Colour Stripes today in the inbox. Every new entry delights me a little more than the one before....

Inspiration for this dose of colour heaven comes from a series of old, worn walls. The layers of aged paint, blending beautifully together and telling a story of time gone by......have you ever noticed the beauty in such things?

Thanks again Kris; stunning, stunning and more stunning! Want more ( silly question!) head over to Kris Colour Stripes.

Monday, March 29, 2010

a dutch cuddle.....

Knuffle Kid ( loosely translated in Dutch as a cuddle!)is all about the joy of being a child – it’s about the time in your life when memories first form – it’s about having a favourite dress that gets passed down to your little sister or eventually to your own child.
Designing and sewing had always been a big part of Knuffle Kid’s creator Emma Strybosch’s world. Her Barbies always had new couture, then she started to fashioned her own outfits from second hand clothes and hand-me-downs at the age of five.
Emma prides herself on remain wholly Australian made - wholly Melbourne made in fact; from the labels to the prints, to her very own sewing machine.
The latest winter collection is aptly named 'rainy day games' - a collection inspired by lazy days spent inside; snuggled up giggling over old fashioned board games while the rain trickles down the window pane.
Knuffle Kid will be showing at Magnolia Square later in the the meantime pop in at the website.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

these designs are filed......

We have already shown you a wrap up of our St Kilda fair...but here are a few more drool worthy images to ponder..... This time through the eyes of one of our favs from blog land..Lucy from The Design Files ( pictured here with Lindy Klim)

The Design Files is a collection of creative people, places and products from Melbourne and beyond. With daily updates, and interviews with some of Australia’s most talented designers, artists and creative professionals every week, you won't want to miss a thing!

Our thanks to you Lucy and our other fantastic media attendees for supporting our Australian artists, designers and craftspeople!

Read the full Magnolia Square Round Up here on The Design Files. ( images from Little Bird Photography)

Monday, March 22, 2010

thank-you St Kilda.....

Another successful event has flown by! This time for our first St Kilda event.

Guests were greeted by a flock of delightful ( and well behaved!) birds and gorgeous woodlands scenes as they entered the magnificent Town hall foyer. Many stopped for a coffee ( shopping fuel) before heading inside to shop up a storm.

St Kilda Town Hall was a hive of activity as shoppers from far and wide roamed the isles and filled their bags with Magnolia Square goodness!

Giving a platform to amazing artists like Wendy June is at the forefront of Magnolia Square's principals. We just adore this quirky range.

A debut appearance from Oktoberdee and already a fan base! Shoppers were loving these leather vintage fabrics neckerchiefs!

It was a pleasure to have key media attend and support our event. Here MirandaTay from Object of Desire from The Sunday Age M Magazine chats to Nicholas from Printspace.

The ever stunning Nell Designs is always a crowd favourite with beautiful french inspired home wares and clothing.

With lots of fun thrown in...Heavenly Creatures went all circus on us - and didn't we love it!

Thanks for popping along - it was great to see you all. We would love your feedback on our first St Kilda much so that we will put you in the draw to win a Magnolia Square goodie bag if you send us an email telling us what you

Monday, March 15, 2010

fox trot

A picture really does tell a thousand words so this post is more pics, less words.....

Its birds, its woodland animals, its cute little folk, its wood, its acrylic, its sterling silver - its A Skulk of Foxes! Made locally in Geelong by creative directors Andrew and Natalie, the pieces are innovative, creative and totally gorg.

Mag Square shoppers..your in for a treat this week at St Kilda Town Hall when the likes of these clever artists are showing their wares.

Opening this Thursday the 19th 10am-9pm corner of Carlisle and Brighton Road St Kilda. We really do look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

love my craft : Annie Campbell

Meeting the maker behind a favourite product is the highlight of many Magnolia Square shoppers and part of the fabulous Mag experience. Meeting the hands that built, designed, crafted, stitched or cooked makes for a much more appreciated purchase. To get you knowing even more about our handy artisans, Snippets will now be bringing you a new regular segment..'love my craft'... Our first interviewee is Annie Campbell the founder of natural skin care range Cosse. As a nurse, Annie understands the importance of nurturing and as a result, started Cosse. It has evolved to be a combination of her natural instincts for wholistic skin care and her passion for essential oils and body products.

Q. Annie, where is home for Cosse?

A. Home for Cosse is in a small studio within the serene grounds of the historical Abbotsford convent. It is a wonderful place to be with a lovely vibe.

Q. At what point did your hobby become your business?

A. When my friends and family who I had given product to as gifts gave me positive feedback. They wanted more. Increasingly requesting products for themselves and to give as gifts.

Q. Describe the best day of your life so far….

A. Tomorrow! I just know it will be perfect!

Q. If you could go back in time for 24 hours, where would you go and why?

A. Ayers Rock for the unexpected spiritual experience.

Q. If there could only be one colour what colour would it be?

A. Orange Valencia – I can almost taste it!

Q. What is the best compliment you have ever been given?

A. “Annie, you sure do love having all the family together”

Q. Sunrise or Sunset?

A. Definitely Sunrise…Thai Chi on meditation hill in the Hunter Valley – can’t get better than that!

Q. Why would you recommend Magnolia Square to another retailer?

A. At Magnolia Square you will be rubbing shoulders with the most dynamic, exciting group of people who are all enthusiastic about what they do. It really provides the perfect setting and exposure for your business with a high volume of targeted shoppers who appreciate my product.

Meet Anne and over 60 other makers and artists at St Kilda this week. For full list of retailers and for further details check the website

Thursday, March 11, 2010

hats off.....

Oska and Imogen from Truffaux Hats joined us last year in Sydney and now they are here to stay! Just as cupcakes are offered to obliging children, I heard many a promise of a gleaming new hat for partners who didn't whine while shopping took place!

Crafted from the finest Panama straw, forged using vintage blocks , richly handwoven and old slipper comfortable, it's no wonder these beauties were a hit. To quote Oska, Truffaux hats have been " made famous by discredited royalty, movie star rehabs, beat poets, rock 'n' roll hero's, intellectual outlaws, dizzy celebrities and angles that have fallen from grace"! - love it!

The good news is you will find Traffaux at St Kilda Magnolia Square next week. The even better news is that they are giving away 2 fabulous hats!! Look out for the snippets newsletter next week for a chance to win. You will need to be on the mailing list to receive your newsletter so click here to join.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

an itch to scratch....

We love a self taught artist - where the passion comes first and the skills second. Such is so with Carol Hitchen who, after watching the documentary Handmade Nation, decided it was time to bring some craft back into her life!

Once the itch had set in the scratching was unstoppable! Carol taught herself blanket stitching and resin jewellery making amongst other things by watching tutorials on Youtube! Many months later, and much trial and error has lead to the launch of Itchy Bird.

You will see the delightful range of gorgeous bits to love and wear at Magnolia Square St Kilda. Click here for dates and times. And here for a full list of retailers showing at the event.

Monday, March 8, 2010

june comes early...

Wendy June that is.... Artist, illustrator and creative talent extraordinaire, Melbourne based Wendy June is on her way to Magnolia Square at St Kilda Town Hall to showcase her collections.

Each of the quirky pieces is hand made and based on Wendy's signature styled illustrations. Laser cut wooden art works inspired by the sunny streets of North Fitzroy, delightful fabric softies with hand drawn faces, limited edition prints and jot boxes all form part of the range.......super cool!

Meet Wendy and her little creations next week at Magnolia Square St Kilda Town Hall.

Friday, March 5, 2010

j for jewels.....

Its bold, its fun, its eclectic, its PollyandJ. Jasmin and Rachael began pulling together a mix of unusual and liberal jewellery collection to introduce to Australian shoppers when they were just teenagers.

Many years on the duo has succeeded in curating a diverse range from designers and artisans from around the globe; all with a common thread and signature look. They seek to represent exclusive designers who show individuality in their designs, a passion for raw materials and a consciousness of our eco-system.

Be wowed by the colourful medley of the work of Argentinaian artists Lua Chea and Luli Grun on display at Magnolia Square St Kilda Town Hall..just around the corner now!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tiddled pink....

The lead up to a Magnolia Square is always an exciting time...exciting for shoppers ready to scoop up the seasons hottest finds, exciting for the retailers as they prepare their stands and most exciting for my inbox that runeth over with images of all the new new ranges and collections making their way to our pop up shop.

I couldn't get through the day without sharing today's superb email delivery from Tiddles and Chich. The new collection features their signature french stripe with soft patches of pastels and organic design lines.

A range that will take your little lad or lass from the rough and tumble of the playground right through to the Sunday best is one that meets our approval!

See the collection at Magnolia Square 18, 19th and 20th March at St Kilda Town Hall.