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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Christmas Idea #1

Christmas time provides the perfect excuse to decorate the house ... but you don't need to compromise on style.  
 My kids love the daily advent calender treats and often I reach for the tacky supermarket style. This year I gave it some more thought and came up with this simple and inexpensive alternative.  Magnolia branches (salvaged from your own tree if you are lucky enough to own one - if not invest in some lovely bare branches in winter and hold onto them all year through).  The vase to support these branches has to be rather large and heavy duty to prevent the whole arrangement from tumbling on the first child that reaches up for a box.  
These adorable little hand stamped boxes came from Pip Compton at Studio Lipp (purchased Christmas 2010 I'm afraid) but look around in art & craft shops and you will hopefully find something similar. Last of all pop a treat into each box.  Save it all again for next year!!



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