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Thursday, June 30, 2011

trend forecaster li edelkoort

If beautiful, really beautiful photography pushes your buttons then head to the photo librairie of Dutch  horticultural magazine BLOOM. This photographic magazine is a visual documentation of trends in  horticulture through the eyes of world reknowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort.  Each issue is named (eg. enchanted, curiosites, fashion, foliage etc) and the collection of images within is a reference to that idea.  Love it - stunning use of colour.  More about her here and here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

paper artist chrissie macdonald

Read more about this accomplished artist at rock of eye and her own website

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

simple but it makes an impact

I came across these images here.  We love colour grouping at Mag Square!

Monday, June 27, 2011

behind the scenes last week

One of my favourite jobs at Mag Square is working on the creative aspects of how we will market each event.  The upcoming show (August 20-21 in Ivanhoe) is all about colour ... here are some quick snaps of what we were getting up to last week.
Did you see the M Magazine with the Sunday Age yesterday? Magnolia Square were mentioned as just one of the ways to make the most of winter in Melbourne.  Thank you so much to writer Rachelle Unreich for the mention!

Monday, June 20, 2011

on our radar: tuesday designs

Tuesday Designs is such a pretty name and perfectly suited to the beautiful paper artworks  it describes, by sisters Taryn and Elise Eales. A combination of letterpress techniques and exquisite fabric applique form the basis of these works, each and every one of which is unique and one of a kind.  I first came across Tuesday Designs in Husk and then later saw them hanging on the wall of one of my fave cafes, three bags full in  Melbourne's Abbotsford.

Tell us about your backgrounds
Taryn has an honours degree in printmaking. It was at Uni that I fell in love with the medium of blind lino embossing. The texture is created by chiselling out the design in Lino and then finally pushing heavy, damp paper into these marks under high pressure using an etching press. I love the tactile quality, that you can't help but want to run your hands over the paper almost like braille.

Elise has a diploma in fashion and textiles. Fabric has always been a passion, particularly vintage silks and japanese linen. The endless use of colour and depth in Japanese textiles is inspiring. I also began playing with machine and hand embroidery. Just another form of drawing really but with thread instead of pencil. Both of us worked for Brisbane designers Easten Pearson, hand sewing and detailing. 

We were asked to put together an exhibition for a little cafe where Taryn spent her weekends as a barista in Paddington in Brisbane. (Coffee and art go hand in hand). The works sold out on the first day. We had an amazing response to our designs which gave us confidence to approach other homewares stores.

What is your earliest memory of yourself as a creative person? What was it you made/created?
Elise and I have always been creative. Always drawing and painting... sewing, knitting. We both attended a Steiner school since kindergarten. The school curriculum is in itself very creative. Imagination is encouraged...our flights of fancy took us adventuring very young.

How would you best describe your business? Where would you like it to be in 5 years.
We are working on a range of clothing accessories including jewellery and bags. Lately we've been fantasising about our own little Tuesday designs store, stocking clothing and home wares. Of course there would be a bird theme. Who knows where the wind will blow?

Describe a typical day in the studio.
The day doesn't start without tea, and a phone call to each other. Taryn now lives on the Sunshine coast, while Elise is still in Melbourne. We miss each other terribly and find the distance makes the creative process harder. We look forward to monthly visits when we can sit together sketching over coffee, and brainstorming. We have always seemed to finish each others thoughts and even sentences. This is very much how our process of designing works.

Day to day, what is it that inspires creativity in you? Any fave blogs or magazines …
Markets! The farmers markets for the magic that is good food, passionate producers and children in their winter woolies. And Bric a brac markets for the treasure hunt.

We've recently fallen in love with the beautiful children's magazine Papier Mache. Only 2 a year but they are worth the wait. Blogs, and Paul Barbera's are regular sources of inspiration.

Yes we love papier mache also ... click image to view the magazine's current online issue

What has been your greatest success to date?
Our daily emails from people admiring and wanting to hang our designs on their walls. It still feels like such a gift to be able to do what we love and have other people appreciate it, let alone hang them in their personal spaces. A couple of years ago we were asked to do a range of work for the Mater hospital in Brisbane. Our work now hangs above the beds of new mums holding their little ones. What a moment to be part of - that is a gift.

What are you loving at the moment?
Taryn has a brand new little one herself. Her smile lights up the world.

Three words that best describe you.
Inseperable (despite the distance). Dreamers. Nesting.

Where can we buy your work?
Contact us directly through our website, we really love to be able to speak with our clients directly and are very happy to tailor deigns and colour ways to individual requests.

We are also stocked at Husk and Tiger and Peacock here in Melbourne. Salisbury and Maude in Beechworth. Papier D'amour in Double Bay in Sydney. Out on a Limb in Perth and Offspring in Hong Kong

Friday, June 17, 2011

itsy bitsy teeny weeny

What a heavenly swimsuit!  If you are escaping the winter weather for warmer climes then this yellow polka dotted two peice ensemble simply must make it to your suitcase. I have always liked a bit of Esther Williams movie star glamour when poolside.  The red lippy, floral cap and a killer pair of wedges complete the look.

This is the latest from Sydney label Sirens Swimwear.  Many of you will be familiar with this range after meeting gorgeous founders Margie and Sally at some of our Christmas events last year.  The girls really walked the talk when selling their cossies at Mag Square and wore nothing more than these teeny weeny bikini's at the shows.  They assure me that the built in support is akin to a concrete lining!  Nancy Ganz eat your heart out!! So jump online and pre order now for delivery after 10 July.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the good room!

The Sunday Life, MY SPACE 12 June 2011.  Styled by Heather Nette King, photographed by Mike Baker.   Copyright owned by Fairfax Limited.

A couple of months ago now the lovely Heather Nette King, stylist and writer for the Sunday Age, worked her magic in our "good room" and the finished result was in the paper over the weekend (The Sunday Life, with Rose Byrne on the cover).  I say the good room very tongue in cheek.  It doesn't get used very much but it is the perfect place for the goodies I have accumulated over the years through Magnolia Square. Click here to read the article.

In the coming weeks we will talk to Heather Nette King about her fun job as a stylist.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

on our radar: ceramicist Bridget Bodenham

Admirers of fine, contemporary craftsmanship in the field of ceramics and stoneware will already be familiar with the work of Bridget Bodenham ... for all other lovers of organic shapes & textured objects, tableware and jewellery then Bridgets pieces will surely make their way to your wishlist.  We very much hope to have Bridget at one of our events later this year.

Tell us about your journey...
 I completed a Diploma of Arts (Ceramics) at The University of Ballarat in 2006, I then applied for an Australia Council grant to set up a small studio with a gas kiln and electric wheel. While working part time in retail shops locally and making my first collection of ceramic utensils (pestle and mortars, spoons, sieves, and vessels). In 2009 I began working full time in my practice and now work constantly on exhibition works, wholesale and commission orders as well as selling online and at markets.

What are your earliest memories of yourself as creative? Was your family creative?
I was always encouraged to use my hands from an early age, from building sandcastles to making objects from found materials, and always drawing. Both parents have always made art and taught art, my mum is a painter and art restorer and my father is a sculptor.

I live in a house with my mum, she has her studio where she restores antiques and collectables, she’s always working on something new and interesting. My father has taught me many techniques in printmaking, etching and modeling processes this year I hope to learn more about bronze casting.

left over clay shavings
Describe a typical day in your studio.
A typical day in the studio starts with turning on the radio in time for the conversation hour on classical FM whilst lighting my wood fire, collecting water in a bucket from an outside tap and cleaning my tools and work bench.

I begin by preparing my clay, wedging it like kneading dough, then I equally measure out the clay, roll it and place it onto a board near my wheel. The morning is the best time to throw as the light is just perfect.

I use an electric wheel to centre the clay and shape it using my hands and several tools. I then wait for it to harden and begin to manipulate the form further by piercing, squashing, embedding, sanding, and cutting to create the desired form and textural surface.

I stop for lunch around 2 check emails and run some errands to the post office. The day is concluded by a walk in nature looking closely at details but also thinking of what to make tomorrow.

the beautiful studio wall

Where does inspiration come from for you? Who are you influenced by?
The natural world inspires and teaches me about myself and about my material. I enjoy a drive in the car or on public transport and am often surprised with unexpected spectacular sights and scenery.The artists that I am most inspired by are Ruth Duckworth, Brancusi and Henry Moore .

You live in Daylesford ... what do you love most about life in the country?
Life in the country is a great place to work and live, Daylesford is vibrant and there’s always lots going on. It’s roughly an hour and a half to Melbourne so your close enough to the action and far enough to escape it!

works in progress

Tell us about a moment you’ve felt most proud of.
My proudest moment is to be sustaining a lifestyle that allows me to discover and learn through something I really enjoy and to have setup a studio space that is functional and beautiful to work in. I have also just completed an intricate pendant that’s in an exhibition at Pieces of Eight.

We’d love to have you at Magnolia Square at some time in the future … do you think that might happen?
Yes! I cant wait to pack my car up and meet other makers and be part of these beautiful markets!

In the meantime, where can our readers see and buy your beautiful work?
Lots of lovely shops in Melbourne:
Pieces of eight
A shop called Milton
Craft Victoria

Bridget was also profiled in the Saturday Age 12 February  2011, click here to read

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

new melbourne event just announced ...

After dotting the i's and crossing the t's I am very pleased to announce that we have an event scheduled for August 20-21 at THE CENTRE in Ivanhoe.  The show will run for 2 days, a Saturday & Sunday instead of our usual Thursday-Saturday format.  This is a new location for Magnolia Square; we'd LOVE your support to ensure it is a hugely successful event!!

Please keep checking the website and this blog for trading times and the list of participating designer makers.  To subscribe to our newsletter please click here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

anthropologie winter windows

I've been anthropologie window stalking again! What these people can do with everyday found objects is staggering quite frankly. The igloo (top left) is made from empty plastic bottles.  For a much closer look and literally hundreds of images search on anthropologie windows in flickr, or quicker still use this link. Anthropologie have their own flickr page here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

postscript to DIY party decorations ...

Da-da ... this was the result!  I used tissue paper in 2 shades of pink and also in red.  The pom poms are various sizes and grouped very randomly.  I constructed the actual shape while it was hanging, that way I could get a 360 degree view and add bits where required. I have included a few chinese lanterns because their roundness is a nice contrast with the fluffyness of the pom poms.  I was enjoying myself so much that I made little pom-poms for the lolly bags.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY party decorations

I have a little more time on my hands while we take a break between events.  Can't help myself though ... I still want to decorate, especially with paper!  My 8 year old daughter is having a "crafty making party" on the weekend so I will burn some of my creative energy on the decorations, mask making and peg dolls! I think I'll take my cues from the red and pink colour palette shown here. 

All of these pretty images are from BHLDN (pronounced beholden) which is an online shop for brides from the creators of Anthropologie, launched in Feb this year.  Of course, if you are DIY inclined then lots of these decorations can be created at home with tissue paper, twine, scissors and scrapbooking papers. Here is a step by step on pom pom making from Martha Stewart.

Click here for a very cute animation from the BHLDN website.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

loving right now ... The Millswyn

I went to the Channel 7 studio on Sunday night for the taping of Dancing with the Stars (did anyone see me in the audience, front row??)  We had a quick bite first at The Millswyn in South Yarra which was very pleasant indeed.  It is located in the space which was once Lynch's and is decidedly more contemporary.  It has a hot right now Scandinavian inspired aesthetic & decor and the food is very simple, of the highest quality and French.

The Millswyn
131 – 133 Domain Road
South Yarra Victoria 3141
Telephone +61 3 9866 5627