Mag Square

Monday, September 26, 2011

My very last day in New York involved a mad dash to the last anthropologie store on my list, the store at the Chelsea Market.  I had no more than one hour to photograph the store, shop and chat to the friendly instore merchandiser Wren before a quick subway ride uptown, checking out of the apartment and heading for JFK.  Standby, I am compiling a scrapbook of anthropologie images from the trip.  A link will be posted soon ...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

evolution // soho's cabinet of curiosities

A very cool place to check out is Evolution in Soho. I should preface that by saying it is cool if you like taxidermy, framed and mounted insect collections,  skeletons, skulls, fossils and other very old rocks etc etc.  It's a giant cabinet of curiosity and well and truly worth a visit if that is your thing.  It was fashion week in New York last week and Evolution got in on the act with Bergdorf Goodman partnering with them in a window display for their 5th Ave store.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Upper East Side // 5th Ave & central park

Yesterday I took in the sights and sounds of New York's upper east side. Here is some of what I saw ...

(Image of the plaza via nyc daily photo)

American Museum of Natural History

This was another WOW experience. The dioramas of the AMNH are so realistic you will want to just reach out and pat a rhino or a moose! This is a great place to take children and convenient to reach via subway; the platform leads straight into the museum entrance.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

abc carpet & home // 888 Broadway NY

Today I went to ABC Carpet & Home which is close to the flatiron building.  I have one word (actually one abbreviation) ... OMG.  If you are a lover of visual merchandising then you need to get to ABC.  It is 6 beautiful floors of WOW.  The images below are of the Little One store on the 2nd floor of ABC Carpet & Home.  They had lots of pieces by Tamar Mogendorff which was very exciting for me, I am a big admirer of her clever work. 

The work of British furniture designer Timothy Oulton was incredible to see ...

a moment at times square // new york

eataly // 200 5th Ave New York

Yesterday we visited The Antiques Garage at 112 West 25th Street in the area known at Hells Kitchen ... in close vicinity to the Flatiron district, named after the famous building pictured left. It is open on the weekends only; I loved it and could have spent all day fossicking.

We then stumbled upon Eataly at 200 5th Ave, an Italian marketplace of fresh produce.We enjoyed a platter of cured meats, a selection of cheeses, figs and individually wrapped bread.  Put it on your MUST SEE list if you get to NY.

PS. I have found the website hopstop to be a BIG help when planning my day - directions from where you are to where you are going and you get to slect walking, subway, buses or a combination.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

central park NY

This morning we hired bikes and rode around the park. It was AWESOME, NY sure delivers on everything it promises.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Paula Rubenstein Ltd

I am orienteering myself around New York with the help of Sibella Court and her Stylists Guide.  One of Sibella's favourite stores is Paula Rubenstein Ltd at 65 Prince Street in Soho ... so I paid a visit yesterday.

This revered shop is for serious collectors of American textiles, furniture pieces, jewellery, all sorts of paper ephemera, framed paintings and the usual bobbins, trims and notions.  While I was in the store a Ralph Lauren props buyer was scoping out a very large bench seat.

The front windows were displaying vintage dress maker mannequins, the likes of which I have not seen in Melbourne or anywhere else for that matter.  Paula's speciality seems to be vintage & industrial rag trade.  The loft section of the store (which was out of bounds) was overflowing with every kind of cloth bust and hundreds of wooden engraved coat hangers, all for hire but not for sale.

My very small, suitcase sized memento from Paula Rubenstein - 
the blocks as opposed to the wooden statuette of a horse!

Anthropologie in SOHO

I can't belive I have waited until day 3 to blog about, you guessed who ... anthropologie.  Definately the winner for me thus far when it comes to visual merchandising.  i was always aware of their sublime windows but i wasn't expecting quite so many in store installations. They are sheer genius! Each and every Anthropologie store across the U.S. has it own art department.

There is a lot of yellow in the current range and I have found myself very drawn to it ... the grey & yellow cardi top left has found it way into my shopping bag. The window above is at the Soho store on West Broadway. More images to follow.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kate Spade NEW YORK

It was soooo exciting to visit the Kate Spade store as I have been an online stalker for some time now.  At Kate Spade they belive understated is over-rated, why blend in when you can stand out in a crowd?  Why indeed! 

rosie cardigan $275
strawberry fields clip earrings $78
watercolour rose minnie dress $395
franca ballet shoe $98

For more pink see here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

can anyone guess where I am?

Well unless you live under a rock, I am of course in New York city.  These images are all very NY to me and are in no particular order.  Along with the rest of NYC I am completely obsessed with Mad Men.  Clothing store Banana Republic currently have a MM inspired collection.  Are you Betty, Joan or Peggy? 

The yellow cab is of course one of the most enduring icons of NY; the streets are full of them.  Where in the hell were they last night though when I was standing drenched on a Soho street corner, weighed down by a tonne of soggy shopping bags, not wanting to tackle the subway, ready to throw myself in front of one ...

Woody Allen, usually looking forlorn is often photogrpahed on the streets of NY and of course Jackie Kennedy was the epitome of NY style and casual chic.

The plaza hotel which overlooks the park is unfortunately NOT where I am staying! The little blue box, a girls best friend really and NY street signage ... exciting in real life.  The I heart NY icon would surely have to be this city's logo.  It doesn't seem to matter that its plastered across every cheap and nasty piece of tourist memorabilia.  Good typography will take you a long way!

Today I plan to visit MoMA and see some of the Andy Warhol pieces on display there.  The original exhibition of Campbell's soup cans in 1962 was made up of 32 individual canvases, representing each of the flavours currently available at the time.  Donut anyone? Love the brownstone apartments, the building facades covered in iron fire escapes, shopping at Bergdorf Goodman and the New York city doorman ... present in just about every movie ever filmed here in New York. 

And sadly, the image of the twin towers smouldering before their collapse, which is of course only days away from being 10 years ago. And no NY image round up would be complete without a little breakfast at Tiffany's.

The New York City steam system pumping condensation out of manholes ...
another familiar sight in the Big Apple !!