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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

shopfront // sportsgirl at chadstone

Loving the instore merchandising at Sportsgirl Chadstone, though I must say I was in trouble with the store manager for taking these shots. Interesting and in stark contrast to my recent experience in New York where I clicked to my hearts content in every Anthro store in NYC!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

animate // new york & a steiff monkey


These little animations are easy and quick to make.  I use my iphone and have it positioned so that it won't move or fall over.  Take a photo then move the object along, take another photo etc.  The New York street scene above it 5 separate photos.  Then using an online gif maker such as or I turn it into an animation.

If you like these I am guessing you will LOVE this. Look at the very subtle movement in this image.  This is the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Cinemagraph.  Check out the other awesome clips at their website.

Friday, January 27, 2012

she's apples // film & photography iphone apps

Over the Christmas break I have gone completely bananas over apple! In the space of a week my technology horizon has expanded to include an imac, an ipad and the iphone 4s.  Dont get me wrong i am loving it but switching from a pc to a mac feels like learning to drive a manual car in a hurry without a driving instructor. Throw into the mix a change from existing internet provider iprimus to brand new, promise the world and deliver nothing Telstra (read 5 days with no connectivity) and you can begin to imagine the tension building in our house.

That said, I am very happy to be an Apple all rounder.  My current obsession is apps that provide creative distraction while I am out and about.  Here are some of my faves ...

silent film director | makes movies directly on your iphone using effects like 1920's (think Charlie Chaplin complete with dinky music and fast film) or 1960's which is my fave and makes everything look like a Super 8 shot Kennedy home movie.

picture frames | allows you to make a single image by combining 2, 3 or 4 images into one

group shot | this is VERY clever and allows you edit your picture with facial recognition technology - no more ruined shots because little Johnny always closes his eyes!

and of course instagram and coloursplash which if you dont already have then go immediately to the app store.

Apple store in Paris - what's not to love

Thursday, January 26, 2012

fashion fantasy // mulberry autum 2011

I came across this incredibly creative fashion shoot for English luxe clothing label Mulberry on fashion gone rogue.  The set design is by Shona Heath who has the best job in the world and the photography is by Tim Walker whose work always has a fantastical look about  it.

The colouration of the eggs and the and broken shells are incredible - creative genius.  Look at the fox on set in the short clip below.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

we are loving // pom poms

How divine are these images by photographer Beinta รก Torkilsheyggi for the Pom Pom Factory.  If you come to our shows you will know that I am very partial to a pom pom.  Quite happy to sit all day and make them actually...

PAPER POM POM know how ...

If DIY from scratch isn't your thing then visit the Lark shop to buy a ready to go kit online.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

creative corners // at home with Danni Townsend O'Neil

Our kick off post for 2012 is a peek at the corners of Danni Townsend O'Neil's home in Myrtleford, 3.5 hours north east of Melbourne.  Danni is a Mag Square stalwart and the founder of Tickets for Coco with business partner and cousin Brooke Murphy and more recently their little adventure into home wares and taxidermy with Mr Fallow. Danni is also my sister and I am constantly amazed with her ability to pull spaces together in a distinctly unique way.

Danni is a true collector of the remnants of days gone by and when she gets a bee in her bonnet about something in particular there is, well, no stopping her.  I wouldn't be exaggerating to say an etsy found product arrives in her mail box every other day of the week! 

The little German frozen charlotte doll above is one such find. Danni says "Etsy is a treasure box and I explore it constantly! The attic's of many American homes are literally being cleared out and sent all around the world in little brown parcels!"

The vintage inspired decorating theme is seamlessly presented throughout the house and the bedrooms of Danni's two boys, Josh 13 and Owen 8 are not spared!  But there are no complaints on that front; the boys seem to embrace their yesteryear styled living quarters.  Truth is they don't tend to hang out indoors too much with all the wide open spaces around them to be discovered.

Dan is a big fan of David Bromley and has one of his amazing quilts.  Old dolls are another subset of the collection, they are everywhere and while I find them intriguing I think Dan's poor husband David is more than a little disturbed about having to share a house with them. 

I love these old kitchen scales.  I wonder how many dozens of scones they have weighed flour for? These scales are displayed on a lovely old cabinet along with milk bottles, preserving jars, a butter churn and other well loved cooking accoutrements (including some incredible old French chocolate moulds). 

No vintage inspired home would be complete without old metal letters.  This lovely "G" looks fantastic in Dan's kitchen. Taxidermy has become hugely popular over the last few years.  Each of Danni and Brooke's deers are named, this one is Sargent, and can be purchased from their online shop.

Another David Bromley piece above. This is a one off, hand sculpted lamp shade depicting the iconic Bromley children with their backs turned. I was with Dan the day she spotted this at the Prahan store, we had just been on a tour of the upstairs studio with David himself - suffice to say I had NEVER seen anything like it in my life before.  The size of magnitude of his curated collections were utterly awesome.  Click here for amazing images on the Design Files blog back in December 2009.

Danni's fabulous dining table is the handiwork of our Dad who joined together two fabulous old trestle table tops to make this one huge surface.  Fit for a kings feast!!

In Danni's office, pictured above, she works under the watchful eyes of Miss Scarlet,  Mr Wilkins and Mrs Potter. These old silver spoons have been re purposed as markers for a herb garden, available by contacting Danni or Brooke via the Mr Fallow website.

The view from the kitchen sink is superb and often includes a mob of kangaroos grazing on the back lawn.  If you love Danni's style, here are some suggestions on where you might source a treasure or two. for taxidermy, vintage quilts, bags & cushions made from old American grainsacks and jewellery made from vintage trinkets.

The Junk Company  | 583 Elizabeth Street | Melbourne VIC
Step Back Antiques  | 65 Burwood Rd | Hawthorn VIC
David Met Nicole | 382 Cleveland St | Surry Hills NSW  (see earlier post here)
Nook Vintage | 258 Johnston St | Fitzroy VIC  (see earlier post here)
Scarlet Jones | 95 Auburn Rd | East Hawthorn VIC
Chapel St Bazar  | 217 Chapel Street | Prahran VIC 
David Bromley at Capoochi  | 941 High St | Armadale VIC
Guy Matthews | 154 Johnson St | Fitzroy VIC
Industria | 202 Gertrude St | Fitzroy (see great guide to Gertrude St at design files here)
The Ugly Duckling | Bridge Rd Richmond VIC

{PSST blog readers ... if you have anymore shopfront or online locations to suitable for this list please add it to the comments below and we will update the list accordingly.  Thanks in advance.}

Monday, January 16, 2012

where did the time go?

How can we be half way through January already? Hopefully you have have a restful Christmas & New Year and are ready to tackle 2012 with style and aplomb.  We are still enjoying some quiet time but we'll be back in full swing next Monday 23rd Jan with a post on the fabulous and quirky home of Danni Townsend O'Neil of Tickets for CoCo and Mr Fallow.